About Cedric Hohnstadt

I own an illustration studio in Minneapolis. My past end clients include Hasbro, Disney, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Scholastic, Best Buy and Target. I strive to deliver quality artwork under tight deadlines and I hold myself to a high standard of professionalism.


I’ve also been a courtroom sketch artist for over a decade. I’ve worked on court cases involving police shootings, ISIS, drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, wire fraud, union battles, even a high school shooting. My courtroom sketches have been licensed nationally by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, AP, Reuters, Entertainment Tonight, and internationally by the UK Daily Mail and News Corp Australia.


I live in a suburb of Minneapolis with my lovely wife and three daughters. When I’m not drawing or spending time with my family I enjoy studying filmmaking and screenwriting.


Please contact me to discuss how I can help meet your needs.